Saturday, 21 April 2012

Outside Oxford

These photos were taken outside of Oxford, not too far 
from Burford.  As you see we're Upper Slaughter.  

I asked my friend if we were in Lower Slaughter.  She wasn't sure if that was what the name of this town was, but we did go to the Mill Museum.  
Unfortunately, it was closed. But, the picturesque views were a sight worth seeing.  Even though February can be biting cold on the ears and hands, it was worth the time spent there.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tea Time with Carrie in Burford

Calories didn't count today, as tea time with my friend Carrie was so enjoyable in the town of Burford.  

Across the street from the Tea Shop was this Hotel.  I had to take a photo, so I wouldn't forget the name of the town.  
It may have been cold out, but the tea and  fellowship gave us  pleasant memories.  

Signs of Interest!!!

How inspirational is it?  

Sometimes signs can make you smile :)
You definitely can not make this neighbor angry!!
If you forget, it's not an oops:(

Our Adventures through the Archives in Oxford!!

Bishop Grote is checking out archival material at Rhode's House.

The day spend with the Grotes was enjoyable, especially seeing the letter dated back to  David Livingstone's day.   

Below, Steve and Bishop get a first hand look at Roland Allen's archival material.  
Original copy of letter written by David Livingston

Lucy McCann, the Archivist, gave a tour of the Archives in Rhodes House.
Here she is showing old manuscripts that have been stored for many years.