Saturday, 16 March 2013

Victory Dinner!!

Belen (from Spain) is checking out what has arrived to eat.  Lots of discussion went on about the game and what to anticipate for next year.  There were a few more to arrive.  We just had to wait.........
In the photo below, from left to right, Steve, Belen, Yona (from Germany), Maria (from Portugal) and Stella (who is from France). Meet our girls :)

While waiting, just taking photos and watching the conversation was quite intriguing.  Of course, Maria (photo below) is assessing the food situation. FYI- the guy on the right in the photo to the left, Carlos (from Spain), assisted Steve with coaching for part of the season.

 Finally, the rest of the girls came and we ate!!!  We all enjoyed the different dishes made by the girls (and me).

Claudia (girl on left from China) loves her scotcheroos. Supplying them with scotcheroos after every game was something Claudia looked forward to.  She eyed one and ate it! :)

Anya (in background from London) and Nickie (from Vietnam) exemplified what a wonderful evening we had together.  We have a unique team of girls.

Vas (from Greece) is chatting with Damla (from Turkey) and her boyfriend Arnott (from the Netherlands).
On the left in the background, Nazli (from Cyprus), Yona (with her back toward us) and Deborah (on the couch to the right of Yona, from London) with Anya, Nickie, Maria, Claudia and Stella, were enjoying delightful conversation.

Before leaving, Maria showed Steve some funny games the girls had played together after our last get together having pancakes.  
Was it a fun evening?  You bet it was!!!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

We are the Champions!!!

Here we are in Preston at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) before the game to win the Cup.  This photo was taken for the newspaper.

 We haven't had to deal with injuries much this whole season, but poor Nickie twisted her ankle.  It was not a pretty sight for her, as even the next day it is turning colors. 

Sitting next to the score table helped me a lot, as I could keep the stats much better.  The girls from Leeds Metro Carnegie are pictured in the background.
 The game was quite intense! This team was our toughest competition and the girls had to really want to win.  Coach Steve was in there encouraging the girls, "Do you want this win?"  YES!!

 The final score board showed the vast excitement of the Lancaster Women's Basketball Team.  

 The girls that played and the ones on the bench all were thankful that they could represent their school and win!!!

Here are the girls and Coach Steve with their medals for winning the Cup.  Do you think they are excited?  
Referee Mansoor had officiated all our home games.  He encouraged the girls and let them know of their integrity in the game and he was proud of them, even if he had given them fouls during the season:)

Now we have a small break, but need to get ready for the 'War of the Roses,' which is Lancaster University (red rose)  against York University (yellow rose) in May.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lancaster Wins the Conference!!

 This game was the final game to win the Conference. Liverpool University played with intensity but still didn't have as much desire to win the game in comparison to  our Lancaster girls.

Toward the end of the game Coach Steve wanted them to slow the game down. At the buzzer, right at the end of the game, Damla shot a basket from 3-point range and "made it!!!!"

What excitement at the end of the game.... You can see the final score for Lancaster was 67 and Liverpool 46.  

After the game Coach Steve congratulated the girls on their performance.  If you had ever seen such excited girls it was the Lancaster Women's Basketball team!!!

Can you tell how excited they were? Even the coach got into the craziness of the photo!!  From my perspective, it was a sweet victory!!

Congrats girls!!!!