Saturday, 19 October 2013

Speaking in Chapel/Lunch with Mom/ACU Volleyball

Speaking at ACU (Arizona Christian University) chapel has been an honor and a privilege.  The student body and some of the staff were there to hear the message on "Concupiscence."

Along with Steve, we had his mom with us listening to his message.

His final point was on John Calvin, who's motto is shown below:
"My heart I offer to you Lord, promptly and sincerely."

 After chapel, we had lunch with Mom at a restaurant in Phoenix.  We enjoyed fellowship and then I brought Mom back to the house.  

 Steve and I enjoyed that evening ACU Women's Volleyball game.  They played against Hope University from California.  

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Some of the Grandchildren

In the center is Annie in her performance in Jungle Book.
Kale (11 months old) scrunching his nose, at the park.  

Colbie, who is almost 3 years old (above left) and Ginger, who is already 3 years old (above right) enjoy the splash pad and the park slide.  Holly keeps an "eagle eye" on her mommy.  Grandma enjoys her time with all of them.  

Grandaughter Annie and her talents

Annie is in the 4th grade and is experiencing the game of volleyball with Coach Jasmine.

 Sitting on the bench, watching the family watch you, is more fun than watching the game.

Out on the court, Annie worked at getting the ball over the net.  She was able to get the ball over, but is still working at keeping within the boundaries.  This was her first game and we were proud to be able to watch it.

 Annie also played a roll in the 4rth grade school play, "Jungle Book."  She was one of the snakes, ssssinging ever so wonderfully!!!!

After the program, she posed for me with her friend.  What a joy to be part of our grandaughter's life at school.    

Seth and Katilyn at the Finish line!!!!

Seth participated in the 20K (12 miles) run and after 2+ hours came across the finish line.  

 Katilyn and Seth both did different runs.  They are standing by the finish line with their medals for finishing the race.  Both were quite tired after their different races.  We missed Katilyn go over the finish line.

A happy father for his son and daughter-in-law in their run.  Mom's quite proud too!!  She's behind the camera:)

Phoenix - Variety in Beauty

 Being back in Phoenix, we experience different cloud formations than in England.  There's a majesty in all forms of God's creation

 Even when the sun sets or the thunder/lightening strikes, there is an awesomeness in what God has made.  

 The rain clouds can paint pretty pictures and sprinkle nicely on the top of the pool at our son's home.

The downtown Phoenix skyline shows that the city has expanded since we first set foot into this city.

Arizona Christian University

Arizona Christian University's Convocation ceremony opened the school year.  Before all the students and staff came in, the band was practicing (photo on right).  Below, is a choir with fabulous voices ready to sing for the program.  

The processional began with President Len Munsil.  The staff and faculty followed.  Among those in the processional was our own Steve Rutt (photo below when all staff and faculty were seated)

 What really encouraged me, was to see students praying for new in-coming students and also for those who will be leaving at the end of the school year.  

The songs were encouraging to the students walk with Christ.  This coming year will be a learning, bonding, stretching and challenging experience for all the students, staff and faculty.  Steve is enjoying every minute of it.  

Sunday, 7 July 2013

OCMS (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies) Lecture

Rev. Ben introduced Steve before the lecture.  Steve anticipated this time and was quite relaxed giving his lecture.

During his lecture, Steve uses his hands to express his passion.  For one hour he spoke on "Roland Allen's Charismatic Missiology."

Following the lecture and lunch we stayed for a while at Rhodes House to wrap up some more information needed for Steve's dissertation.  

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lancaster University Awards Ceremonies 2012/13

Every year there are 42 teams representing Lancaster University compete home and away in British Universities and different leagues.  The Lancaster Women's Basketball team was the top in our league for this 2012/13 year.

 This year the Basketball Women have turned their club around to win their league, win at Roses and to be the only team at Lancaster to win the Conference Cup.
 Along with receiving the Team of the Year Award, they also received the Vice-President's Award, which represents a club that has exceeded in all aspects of their operation throughout the academic year.  

Here are both trophies up close.  What a proud moment for all the girls on the team.  

 The biggest surprise at the end of the ceremony was the "Angie Park Award."  It has been only given to 2 other recipients before Coach Steve.  The build-up to this award was quite humbling, as the vice-president of activities, Liz, gave a very complimentary word regarding Steve.  She said he has brought much stability to the whole sports program at Lancaster University.  
      Congratulations to Coach Steve Rutt for a great season!!!

Friday, 31 May 2013

Barbecue with friends and Lancaster Uni B'ball Girls

Downtown Lancaster at Stella's flat we had our victory barbecue.

Debra (left) and Damla (right) were the official barbecuers - brats and burgers!!

 Vasiliki, team captain enjoyed her food and conversation with her friends.

I think all the ladies and "gents" had enough food.   Stella's parents (Paul & Jenny) were there also.   

It was so nice to be able to get some sunshine and sit out on the patio.  

Sunglasses were needed as "the sun was shining!!!!"

Belen is holding her trophy for being the best English speaking Spanish person on the Basketball team.  ;0)

Vas's trophy says she's the best captain of the Basketball team. 

These girls will not be joining the Basketball team next year.  Most of these ladies  will be experiencing internships somewhere and some will be returning home.