Monday, 18 April 2011

Back At Wycliffe Hall!!

We've met so many new people at Wycliffe, that names do escape me, but these gentleman were getting ready also go back to their universities, one (left) was going back to Gordon College and the other (right) was to be flying out to Zimbabwe.

The Spiral staircase was used twice in the last 2 weeks, because of the fire alarms. On the right is a statue on the central building. It reminds me of 2 sets of boots facing the sky. Someone wants to walk in the clouds. That's probably not what it is, but that's the way I remember it.

Keble College,Pitts River Museum & Museum of Natural History

Keble Chapel is across the street from the Oxford Museum of Natural History and the Pitts River Museum. Below, you see Steve standing in front of the Keble Chapel. Can you imagine being the pastor of a church like that?
Standing in front of these museums, which we haven't had the opportunity to visit, have these massive tree trunks. You wonder how they dug those out.
Passing these magnificent buildings every day for almost 4 weeks, I'm amazed at the architecture, but the know how also. I thank God for the sunshine He provided for most of our time in Oxford. Can you tell by the photos we had a sunny day?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Meet the Davidsons!!

William Henry Temple Gairdner is known to many Egyptians in Cairo. This couple, Tony and Bridget Davidson are the grandchildren of this missionary. Bridget never knew her grandfather, but has the memories from her mother and grandmother of what kind of man he was.

Being in the home of the Davidsons for tea and scones, was, as always too short!!:( Just getting to know the influence that Bishop Gairdner had on the Muslims in Egypt was such an interesting story. The book portrayed above, was written by Temple Gairdener. He also wrote biblical plays and had performances. This man was a friend of Roland Allen. They may not have seen one another much, but their passion for bringing souls to Christ, is evident in their writings.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Rhodes House-Inside & Out

There are so many facets to Rhodes House that could be told, but it's a magnificent building with artwork & furniture several hundreds of years old. The photo on the far right is the back garden. The flowers are just beginning to bloom.
The Milner Hall, pictured above has the two portraits on the right hand wall. I would assume
you can figure who they are!! On the left is the former president Bill
Clinton and on the right is Nelson Mandella.

Rhodes House has much to show and this is the building we come to, everyday to do our research. Rhodes House has a vast amount of research material on African studies. Roland Allen was buried in Nairobi, Kenya.

Professor Chapman

We were fortunate to attend 'Evensong' at Christchurch Cathedral, Sunday evening in Oxford. Professor and Mrs. Chapman attend there regularly. The photo on the left, with the Chapmans was taken outside
the sanctuary at Christchurch Cathedral. The photo above right is the inside corridor of the
Christchurch facility. It's meticulously kept!!
On the right, you see Professor Chapman, doing what he does best, teach students at Wycliffe Hall. Steve and I sat in on one of his classes. This man is a walking encyclopedia. Just in the half hour we were in his class, he gave a short scenerio of how the first organ was made, the first clock and gun, taking all back to the Medieval times. So, if you sit next to him at lunch, you know you'll get a history lesson:)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ms. Research Lady in the Rosebery Room at Rhodes

You've met the Research Man, now you get to meet Ms. Research Lady. These papers, are sermon notes of Roland Allen.

The Rosebery Room, at the Rhodes House, is where we would receive the archival boxes, sit and decipher the small or sloppy writing and transcribe onto the computer. Between the Research Man and Ms. Research Lady, we would make our comments of how inspirational, but to the point Roland Allen was.

Our adventures are not over yet. We're finding nuggets that will help with the PhD. "Thanks be to God!!"

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Our Friend Justine from AZ in Oxford!!

I just have to tell of our friend who we met in downtown Oxford. With her U of A (University of Arizona) t-shirt on, we asked, "You from AZ?" We found out she is a graduate of U of A and
is studying in Oxford at St. John's College (just down the street from Wycliffe Hall). These photos are taken inside St. John's college. With all our studying, we set it aside and had lunch together and chatted about AZ
things. We have invited her up to Lancashire to do some sightseeing up there.
We've all got U of A shirts on. In the next few days, she said one of these photos should be in the U of A's athletic director's newsletter.

St. Nicholas' Church, Marston, Oxford

This 12th century church is a neighborhood church. It's not too far from Hubert Allen's home. To the far right is the church hall, where we had
our cup of coffee and mingled with the people. With it being Mothering Sunday, the church was packed with children. Proud moms listened to their children sing!!
I checked out some of the graves that were in front of the church. Amazing!! Some of them date back to the 1700's.
We met Maryelle, who is good friends with Hubert. We were chatting for quite a while after church and she missed her bus. She walks with 2 canes, so we drove her to her destination.

As you can see the daffodils are still out, but will be fading soon, making room for either the tulips or daisies. Spring time in Oxford is definitely warmer than in Lancashire.