Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pie Contest Final Tally!!

Above you can see the 3 judges and the 4 pies being judged. The photo on the right are the gifts that we all received for participating. The chef, Tom Bridge, is a local celebrity and has been in cooking for more than 30 years. The young gentleman, with the blue and grey sweater on was the overall winner. He competed against 3 moms. We also got a photo in the Lancashire Evening Post today (Feb. 18th) with all the pie makers and Tom Bridge. I tried to get a link to it, but had trouble accessing it. Oh well!! These photos will have to do!! Thanks for the prayers everyone!! It was fun and I made some new friends, especially Debbie, my competitor!!

The Pie Competition!!

This is the start of the pie contest. My competitor, Debbie, is an American from Kansas. Her husband was born and raised in Cottonwood, AZ. His job with the police department, here in England has kept them in England for 18 years. We had great fellowship talking about things of the Lord.

The 2 ladies in the photo above, the one in the black dress, Sue, organizer of the competition. The lady with the apron on was one of the judges (head pastry chef at Barton Grange).

Ashmolean, Oxford with Hubert Allen

The Ashmolean Museum was a sight to behold, but as you can also see that in Mr. Allen's home. He has many artifacts from all his travels over the world, that are precious to him and his family. In fact, on the wall next to the fireplace, he showed us a painting done by a Chinese man that was influenced by his grandfather's mission work in China. Steve and Hubert are in the shop, just outside the Ashmolean Museum.

Monday Night singing with the Brownies

Monday evenings, during the school year is Girls Guides.
Samuel has given the girls the opportunity to learn new songs. Some of his songs are translated from German into English. There's one that is about a rabbit, that the girls love to sing. The evening ends on a note of singing. It's fun!!

St. David's Club

The service was such a delight to watch the interaction of the children with Rev. Steve. As you can see below, one young boy, as his mom said after the service, said, "You know he is working the reverend out of his job."
To the right, in the St. David's Club room, is Ms. Barbara, doing the teaching and Ms. Pearl is at the keyboard. The children learned "I will make you fishers of men."
After the service, one of the little girls wanted to go back into the St. David's Club room and color again. I asked her, "How about coming back again next week?" Her reply, "Ok!" That was encouraging!!

The Northern Fog!!

Above is the night time fog, just down the street from the church. It definitely reminds you of the movies portraying the London fog.
This is the daytime fog, with the frost. Our front and back"yard" ("garden", as they say in England), the ground and trees look like it has snowed. This usually lasts for most of the day, dissipates a little, but then during the night its colder again.

Northern Countryside Hike

Driving north of Windermere, toward Ulswater and Ambleside, we found our hiking area and proceeded on our tour of the beautiful countryside. The hour walk was invigorating!!

This sign for the "bridal path" I thought was for just newlyweds, but it means that it's where horses can walk also. I learned something new!! Above, are the Lake District sheep, walking single file :)

The Poster Room at the Briardene

With all the snow gone in Catterall, going north, we weren't sure
what to expect. But sure enough, there was still snow on the ground. We also had the experience of the London fog, up in the Lake District.Our room, the Poster Room #2, was a delight, to "sit a spell" and relax. John and Heather were in the Attic Room above us. Our fellowship was treasured and won't be forgotten
any time soon. Our morning breakfast was a feast to behold! I could tell you, our hike afterwards, helped digest all the food we had eaten. The hostess of the Briardene, Sam, is a friend of Heather's . They both love to make home craft items. Sam had many of her creations displayed. In fact, Heather had give her some of her creations also. It was positively enjoyable!!

Romancing the Lake District

The Briardene, was the cutest "Bed and Breakfast" Inn we stayed at, with our friends, John and Heather. Winderemere is quite a picturesque place and spending it with friends made it all the more fun!! As you can see, Steve and I were lagging behind and took the photo of them holding on to each other. The path we were on was slushy and slippery, but made for a romantic time, just trying to keep from slipping and sliding.

Our Christmas Tree & Eats!!

We decorated our Christmas tree with crosses, stars angels and Ella's (our grandaughter) homemade ornaments. It was special!!
The Corn Flake Wreaths were made for a Christmas Party and ...
....the chocolate sticks were handed out to the neighbors as gifts. We wanted to show some hospitality to those who live around us. We do have some great neighbors.

Winter Images!!

These are the Penine Hills down the street. With the snow so soft it was hard to find a snowman. We found this one at the Pickerings. Of course, this is our house and car piled with the snow. Our winter wonderland!!

Winter in the UK

Our front yard tree, last evening covered with snow. It was a gentle snow. Thank you Lord!!
Last night, the weather turned cold and the wind blew and what the BBC
news broadcasters forecasted, "happened." We received about 4 inches of snow, but how beautiful it makes our backyard look. Our car can be dusted off, "BUT" We don't have a shovel. So the next best thing is to use the broom ;)
We'll keep you updated how we handle the snow. Also, the question is, will Samuel (our German friend) get to go home on Monday for Christmas? The rest of the story will be told next week.

Seth & Katilyn in Sedona with Dad & Mom

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time to fellowship with our children. Seeing the Fantasy of Lights in Sedona with Seth and Katilyn, was a real treat for us. Knowing that after this, Katilyn would go back to college and Seth would be back at teaching made our time just special!!

Meeting Rev. Alec Motyer

Meeting Rev. Alec Motyer, noted author and speaker, 86 years old and still passionate for Christ. He lost his wife just a short while ago and said he'd courted her for 5 years and then married her. So they loved one another for 67 years. I was able to tell him that his commentary on Isaiah was our tool in the ladies Bible Study a few years ago.

Christmas in Garstang

Christmas in Garstang brought people from the various towns around Garstang. I have to give these cloggers credit, with the freezing temperatures and doing the dance in the open air, the activity kept their blood moving to keep them warm. Steve and I dressed up in our western victorian wear. Our Americanisms came out in our costumes, blending into the English culture.

Girls Guides Christmas Program

The Rainbows, Brownies and Girls Guides performed their musical talents (singing, joke telling, & reading poems) together.
With Samuel playing the guitar, Sue (the director of Girls Guides) directing the girls, they sang with all their hearts. The proud parents in the audience smiled with satisfaction.

Autumn has left England!!

Being back in England, has met us with the cold frost and "no" more leaves on the tree (as a former blog showed the autumn leaves). Sunday morning was a delight, to see everyone at St.
David's, plus the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The "blessing of the pets", I believe is not observed in the USA, but went quite well, as the 2 pets that did come, behaved quite well during the service. You see Fred looking over the donations of the pet food.

Steve emphasized in his "10 minute" sermon, that stewardship (responsibility) with animals is important, just as Adam was told to care and name the animals in the Garden.

Cold affects the animals just as much as humans.