Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mr. Research Man!!

Some of the old buildings in Oxford are spectacular, but I think the upkeep of the Rhode's House is exceptional. Below, you see Steve in the Rhode's House Library doing his work, diligently. After a long day of research, we walk down this hall (pictured left) admiring the paintings and tapestries.
On the far right you meet one of the security guards. He makes sure we get out of there in time, so he can go home too!! Outside, the front of the Rhode's House building is pictured on
the left. There'll be more photos of this place in the coming weeks.

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

WOW!! What an exciting day!! We met with Joshua (pictured below) at the Rhodes House doing PhD work in Missiology. He is a Korean missionary (from the largest church in the world, Seoul, Korea) in Kenya. He comes for 3 weeks and then goes back to
Kenya. He's doing his work through the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS). He invited us to come for the chapel service today. Once we
found out where the OCMS was (a few blocks from Wycliffe Hall), we walked over. The street pictured above, gives you an idea of how small the streets are in Oxford. The man who spoke was a Jamaican, who is a businessman
living in Oxford. We were privileged to also meet Oliver, from Kenya, who is Deputy Secretary of the National Council of Churches, studying through OCMS for his PhD. We chatted with him for a while, when he was at Rhodes House, and in between his research. Another PhD student, American missionary with YWAM in India was ready to lecture, when we were asked if we would like to listen to what he has been studying. All these men have tremendous influence around the world. Their love for God and their passion for what they are doing emanated from them.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Wycliffe Hall in the Spring

Down in Oxford, we have been staying at Wycliffe Hall, named after John Wycliffe. The photo directly below, shows where Steve and I are staying.
Go down the steps to the door. On the ground floor, the set of 3 windows, left (that you can't see, but know they're there) on the ground floor is our room. The back yard (garden) at Wycliffe is pictured on the right. That handsome dude stopped to
take this photo, as he was on his way to Rhodes House to do
research. It's been so pretty outside, it's hard not to enjoy everything in bloom.

Oxford and the countryside

Oxford is full of tall buildings. We're in the center of town. We're at the Christ Church Cathedral and surroundings.

Above, left, is in downtown Oxford, where the road forks and there's St. Giles church in the middle. The walkway, in the middle of a graveyard with the pretty trees in bloom don't make the church and graveyard scary!! Immediate left, is typical this week of the country roads, trees in bloom and stone walls. They have moss and vines growing all over them. It's unique. Do you see any of that in USA?

St. Thomas of Canterbury in Elsfield, N. Oxford

This little "country" church had the bells going before the service. We
sat in the pews (not very comfortable), but had the original 12th century pillars still holding up part of the church.
Steve is standing at the entrance of the church with Pastor (Vicar) Tony who's been there for 20 years. As you can see parking at the Church Farm, we were introduced to the chickens and an
awesome peacock, at least that's what Steve says it is. It was a sunny day, but brisk.
After the service, we had a cup of coffee, and as usual, we were one of the last ones to leave. It was "WOW" kind of place. I wanted to take photos inside, but they were remodeling inside, and redoing the Mosaic on the back wall. Hubert Allen told us that the cost was about 150,000 pounds. No wonder it was gorgeous.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Boys Brigade

The Boys Brigade has several active boys and even 2 girls that would rather be in Boys Brigade than Girls Guides. I don't think the girls are
official members, but they rough and tumble just as much as the boys do.When you have an opportunity, maybe with a magnifying glass, read the Boys Brigade Prayer above. We pray this prayer will become part of their heart and mind as they grow up.

Samuel, regularly plays guitar and sings with the boys. The leaders have become good friends of Samuel. Sitting next to Samuel, is David. He loves the Bible Stories on Sundays and is never short of words. We've told his parents, we think God has something up His sleeve for David. They do say he has a tremendous amount of energy!!

Daffodil time!!

This time of the year is so beautiful, especially when the sun is out. They come out, helping us all enjoy nature, BUT they only
are out for a short time. To the right are the daffodils in the back yard garden. The left and below are from the front yard (garden).

Driving along to Lancaster University, you
can see the daffodils are everywhere!! It just makes you know that God is in the creation business!! As you also can see, "THE SUN IS SHINING!" It happens on occasion :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Morecombe Bay from the Prospect Hotel

The full English Breakfast was our first meal of the day at The Prospect Hotel.
The weather was rainy and very
windy, but our room was quite cozy.

Looking out the front window in the morning, you see the bay. To the left the tide is out, and to the right you see in the afternoon the tide came back in. They have said, people have walked across the bay, when the tide was out,
but would have to hurry back before the tide came in behind them. Some have drowned. Don't think I'll try it!!

In the distance, is the Lake District, or Cumbria County. With the fog and rain, the fells (hills) are still picturesque.
I thank God for his wonderful diversity in creation!!

Emmanuel FCE Church, Morecombe

The Emmanuel FCE (Free Church of England) is where we had
the Synod of the Northern Diocese. The church building is quite old and the stone that is to the right, memorializes Selina Countess of Huntingdon. I've been readingabout her. She was an influence on the Wesley Brothers, George Whitefield and others, that came to America. The stain glass window, pictured below is spectacular!!

Please keep Emmanuel FCE in your prayers. We believe God can revive the town of Morecombe again.

Pancake Day with Brownies and Girls Guides!

Just as there is in the USA, "Fat Tuesday," Lancashire has their "Pancake Day" just before Lent. The explanations we received from the girls, were varied, "Why Pancake Day?"

One of the girls had mentioned that Jesus ate them. Well!!!!! Maybe? It gave me a chuckle!!

The ones they made were large and thin, almost like a crepe. Of course, I offered to make the "silver dollar" pancakes. They all enjoyed them. Some of the girls wanted the recipe, so I gave them the opportunity to write it out themselves. The only obstacle they saw was that I use "cups and teaspoons" where they use "mililiters and grams."

Dewlay, the Cheesemakers of Garstang

The Dewlay Factory was fascinating, but Colbie was not at all interested. Grandpa kept her satisfied with all his little kisses!!

Bram, Sherri, and little Bram, along with Grandma enjoyed the personal tour of the making of Cheese!!

It definitely looked like "spongey" stuff, but we all enjoyed the taste, especially with crackers and/or homemade bread. YUM!!

Breakfast on the Farm!!

Forget the breakfast, Grandma and Bram stayed outside. Of course, Bram did most of the playing and Grandma took the photos. With riding the tractor, and having a discussion with
the animals, we had a great time. If the animals got too close, Bram backed off. Grandma's coffee got a little cold, but it was worth it!!When Grandpa, daddy and mommy were done with breakfast, we decided to come in. We were on to our next adventure!! The Dewlay Cheese Factory!!!!