Sunday, 14 October 2012

Lancaster University Women's Basketball

Coach Rutt had the daunting task of cutting 15 of the 30 women that came for the tryout.  He had some help from Michael (Steve's assistant in the photo on right) along with Vasceleki ( the young lady in the orange shirt), the captain of the 
 team.  Just watching the workout and seeing the skills of all the girls, made it hard to let some go.  
The most interesting thing about the team is the variety of countries that are represented on the team.
Vas, the team captain is from Greece.  We have them from Africa, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, India, Australia, China, France, Germany, Turkey, and, of course, England.  

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Remembering my dad, John Edelman

We were privileged to be together with the Edelman side of the family to remember our dad, Opa and great Opa.  
This photo was the last one taken of my father on the tractor.  Cutting 5 acres of grass was a normal every week job for dad.  This was the last time he was on it. 
 Steven Paul Rutt gave tribute to his Opa along with his cousins Danielle and Amy. They represented all of their siblings.   They all had some funny things to remember of their Opa, but also said he would be missed.  
My husband, Steven Richard Rutt gave an "awesome" tribute of his father-in-law.  Steve was my parents' pastor in Phoenix, AZ.  We were able to have great spiritual talks with both dad and mom.  
My brother, sister and myself were able to give our tribute to our father also.  Our father was blessed to have celebrated his 86th birthday with his twin sister, 10 days before he went home to be with His Lord.  I love you dad!!!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Preston Guild 2012 Ecumenical Service

 As the sign says, "Welcome to the Preston Guild 2012."  Walking through the Avenham Park in Preston, we saw many booths with items and food for sale.  We were headed for the big red tents for the Ecumenical service.
 Pictured from left to right, from St. David's Church are:
Verona, Pearl, Barbara and my sweetheart, Steve.  We are in line waiting to get in the tent for the service.  The Preston Ecumenical service 
encompassed all the churches in the Preston area.

One lady who stood by us in line commented, "Who said that the Church was dead in Preston?  Look at all these people
coming to serve God!!"

There were 3,000 people of different Christian traditions taking part, singing praises to God.  

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Camping in CA with family!!!!!

 Camping is a tradition in the Rutt family, with Horseshoes being played.  Here, our grandson Bram, who threw a ringer. What a happy occasion!!!
Playing at the beach with Grandpa, even though the water was cold, was a great deal.  Those little apprehensions of getting in the water, slowly subsided.  
 Meeting up at Goofy's Kitchen in Downtown Disney and getting our photo with Goofy was a highlight for the grandchildren they won't forget.  During the meal, we also met up with Minnie Mouse, Alladin and Snow White which posed for good photos.  The Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza on the menu was a big hit with the grandchildren.  
Before I forget, Ella enjoyed the fact she could cover Annie in the sand.  
One tidbit of information on the grandchildren, the evenings were not hard for them to go to sleep, as they were tired after a hard day of play.  Competing with the sun and walking up and down the steep hill made it easier for the adults to hit the pillow at night too.  
                       "A Trip to Remember!!!"

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Outside Oxford

These photos were taken outside of Oxford, not too far 
from Burford.  As you see we're Upper Slaughter.  

I asked my friend if we were in Lower Slaughter.  She wasn't sure if that was what the name of this town was, but we did go to the Mill Museum.  
Unfortunately, it was closed. But, the picturesque views were a sight worth seeing.  Even though February can be biting cold on the ears and hands, it was worth the time spent there.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tea Time with Carrie in Burford

Calories didn't count today, as tea time with my friend Carrie was so enjoyable in the town of Burford.  

Across the street from the Tea Shop was this Hotel.  I had to take a photo, so I wouldn't forget the name of the town.  
It may have been cold out, but the tea and  fellowship gave us  pleasant memories.  

Signs of Interest!!!

How inspirational is it?  

Sometimes signs can make you smile :)
You definitely can not make this neighbor angry!!
If you forget, it's not an oops:(

Our Adventures through the Archives in Oxford!!

Bishop Grote is checking out archival material at Rhode's House.

The day spend with the Grotes was enjoyable, especially seeing the letter dated back to  David Livingstone's day.   

Below, Steve and Bishop get a first hand look at Roland Allen's archival material.  
Original copy of letter written by David Livingston

Lucy McCann, the Archivist, gave a tour of the Archives in Rhodes House.
Here she is showing old manuscripts that have been stored for many years.  

Monday, 13 February 2012



Found this sign and thought it appropriate for this photo!!

Monday, 6 February 2012


From left to right- Steven, Steve, Seth, Mike, Josh & Jeff.
Here are the men, patiently waiting for the Thanksgiving meal.  
Nancy is performing her traditional olives
on the fingers.  We found out, it is also
Katilyn's tradition too!!
Getting ready to eat the feast  
 We were able to relax and also let the children play.  Our biggest problem was the snacking before the big meal:(
After our feast, we walked over to the Cotters for
dessert.  The ambiance with the fire outside made it

A few days after Thanksgiving, Steve and I
had the privilege to help his mom put up her
Christmas tree.  


Grandpa with Juliet and Colbie

Grandpa loved to play on the floor with the grandchildren. In the background, Annie's looking  at Grandpa, in the photo below.  Ron is in discussion with Ella (photo on right).

Ginger climbs on to Grandpa

Bram's Thanksgiving Day at School

Auntie Wendela, Mommy Sherri and Colbie came to
Bram's school for the celebration.   


Here's special time Grandpa was able to spend with Bram.  

Bram was showing Grandpa particular things in his school.  Both Grandpa and Bram were glad the other was there.  

Seth and Katilyn--Cute couple!
!!The Wild West Man!!

Seth and Katilyn drove up to Sedona with us for a few days.  With their time off from school, it was perfect for us to check out the "cold" sights of Sedona.  To the right, is a park we stopped at.  The red rocks with the snow on the ground made for a beautiful and picturesque sight. 
Steve & Sue at Los Abrigados

We always enjoy stopping by Los Abrigados for the Fantasy of Lights.  
                December 2011