Friday, 26 August 2011

Christ Church Exeter!!

Driving from Oxford to Exeter, was a long trip!! Fortunately, we have the Satelite Navagational System to help guide the way, or we would have gotten lost. It has saved us from many
many arguments on which way to go!!
As you can see by the sign above, this church was bombed during World War II and rebuilt.
Exeter seemed like a nice place to visit, as it wasn't too far from the English Channel. As long as the sun shines, it is definitely a touristy area, with all the beaches, which we didn't have time to see. As you can see by the sign, Pastor John Eustice and his wife Joy, prepared the people of Exeter for our coming. Pastor John and Steve are the ones talking outside the church. As usual, we were the last ones to leave:)

Bible Study at our Flat & Sunday Lunch!!

After Church on Sunday, Ama (Clement Appah's wife; center) asked us over for lunch with Ave (left). She will be leaving back to Jamaica in September. Clement was busy finishing a paper due the next day.This was the second time we hosted the Bible Study in our flat. They all have become good friends. We look forward to another year of Bible study starting sometime in September.
Ryan, the young boy in front of Steve, is 14 years old. He spent the day with us, studying scripture for his confirmation with Steve. He's a
member of St. David's.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Our cozy Flat!!

Three major rooms have become our domain, for possibly the next two years. I've told myself, "You'd better get used to it!!"
The door behind the couch leading to another door, is the bathroom.
As long as I have my kitchen, space to cook, we'll do fine. It's an exercise to get in the bed, as now I climb up, snug to the wall. We have our own mattress on top of the school mattresses provided. We had to have some of our own
comforts:) Fortunately, the couch in the living room, does turn into a bed, but it is relatively small, small quarters. There is a hotel on the Lancaster University campus called the Lancaster House Hotel. We went to investigate a few weeks ago and found it rather nice. So if you decide to come visit, check the hotel out on the internet!! We'll check out the discounts!!
This Flat is "our home" as we give it our homey touch. August and September will be relatively quiet, but the students will return to school by October. We'll assess the noise factor at that time!! It's small, but not tiny:) I thank God for my new home!!