Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Preston Guild 2012 Ecumenical Service

 As the sign says, "Welcome to the Preston Guild 2012."  Walking through the Avenham Park in Preston, we saw many booths with items and food for sale.  We were headed for the big red tents for the Ecumenical service.
 Pictured from left to right, from St. David's Church are:
Verona, Pearl, Barbara and my sweetheart, Steve.  We are in line waiting to get in the tent for the service.  The Preston Ecumenical service 
encompassed all the churches in the Preston area.

One lady who stood by us in line commented, "Who said that the Church was dead in Preston?  Look at all these people
coming to serve God!!"

There were 3,000 people of different Christian traditions taking part, singing praises to God.  

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