Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lancaster University Awards Ceremonies 2012/13

Every year there are 42 teams representing Lancaster University compete home and away in British Universities and different leagues.  The Lancaster Women's Basketball team was the top in our league for this 2012/13 year.

 This year the Basketball Women have turned their club around to win their league, win at Roses and to be the only team at Lancaster to win the Conference Cup.
 Along with receiving the Team of the Year Award, they also received the Vice-President's Award, which represents a club that has exceeded in all aspects of their operation throughout the academic year.  

Here are both trophies up close.  What a proud moment for all the girls on the team.  

 The biggest surprise at the end of the ceremony was the "Angie Park Award."  It has been only given to 2 other recipients before Coach Steve.  The build-up to this award was quite humbling, as the vice-president of activities, Liz, gave a very complimentary word regarding Steve.  She said he has brought much stability to the whole sports program at Lancaster University.  
      Congratulations to Coach Steve Rutt for a great season!!!

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  1. Yay and Huzzah!! It is always gratifying to receive some recognition for excellence. Good job Coach and Team (and Team Mom)!! :)