Monday, 18 February 2013

Bangor University, Wales

Upon arrival at Bangor University in South Wales, we had to wait about an hour before we could get into the gym, as there was a class being conducted.  Referees can't, but love my husband.  Oh.... we're in the middle of the game.

 What an exciting game!!  The last time we played them we defeated them badly, so they were prepared for us. 

Deborah and Damla stepped it up and brought the ball back into play.  In the second half, we suffered with lots of fouls, but it didn't deter the points going on the board.
 A time out gave the girls time to regroup.  To the left of the photo you see a gentleman named Arnot.  He's been doing stats and enjoys coming to away games.  It does help that he's Damla's boyfriend:)
The final on the score board showed we won by 31 points,
Lancaster 69 and Bangor 38. It definitely made the 3 hour bus ride back to campus nicer.  Some of the girls did admit they could improve and that's a great attitude!!!

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