Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Scarecrow Festival in Wray

In  the town of Wray every year they have a Scarecrow Festival.  All the inhabitants of the town make their own scarecrow.  Their is a competition as to who's scarecrow is the best.

 The theme this year was "Read Me."  Many were from books that were of ancient times and others were from today's world.

 I'm a fond one of pansies, but most of all I thought of my mother-in-law when I saw it.  Her first name is Pansy, but saying "I'm no pansy" made me think, "yes she is!!!"

St. George has quite a history behind him.  Reading his stories of how he stood up for those being persecuted for theirs and his faith made him a great warrior of England.

 Here are some of my friends who I walked with through the town of Wray.  From right to left, Delores, Candy and Celia.

Much is written on the royal family and if you can imagine, this is Prince William and Kate discussing her pregnancy.  Below, is the stork presenting the royal family with a new heir to the throne.  

Finally, thinking of my husband with his PhD work, here is some computer person that knows the terms and letting you know how to remember them.  ;0)  Writer's block does happen at times!!  Yes he is a stuffed scarecrow!

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