Thursday, 5 August 2010

Our Ms. Emily has produced Tomatoes!!

As you can see from a previous blog, Ms. Emily has produced some red and ripe tomatoes. The first one was placed on the coffee table near where there are others to be picked. There are between 60 - 70 little green tomatoes that have sprouted. There are still more flowering, so that gives hope for many more. Mr. Keith Jr. has struggled, so recently we have put him in a larger pot to let his roots expand. These tomato plants are actual miracles, that they are still alive. We've been coached to understand the needs of tomatoes in different periods of their growth. So, when we leave on our vacation in a few weeks, we may have the neighbors water and keep an eye on Ms. Emily and Mr. Keith Jr. The way we talk about them now, you'd think we were attached to them :)

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