Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last Boy's Brigade Meeting- out for the summer

Many of the boys didn't show up for the last meeting of the Boy's Brigade, but you had to see some of these leaders, that are dedicated to helping these boys earn their badges and work with their behavior.
If you ever hear me talk of Fred, he's the older gentleman in the front. He has been involved with Boy's Brigade, as he says, "donkey's years." The lady in the red shirt, Sue, she's a peach!! She helps keep the little ones in order. The other Sue, just behind Sue helps with the boys that are in the middle group. The other men involved, in the back, Steven, Simon, and the other names escape me, play their hearts out, soccer, dodgeball, etc., with the boys. We do pray the Lord will increase the numbers of boys and also raise up leaders for His Kingdom. Of course, you know the guy on the left, in the back, with the collar, he's my sweetheart for the last 34 1/2 years. I'll keep him!!

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