Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Preparing for the Wedding Celebration

Tom and Lara had a formal wedding in Dallas, Texas, in July. Many of Tom's family could not be there, so they had a "wedding celebration" with family and friends of Tom at the Manor Hoeve in St. Elois Vijve. They both looked positively stunning.
The horse drawn carriage trotted on to the farm where we all stayed. Tom, Lara and all the family had the opportunity to take the carriage ride to the barn like facility (Manor Hoeve) where the celebration would take place.
While everyone was getting ready, Grandpa had the opportunity to hold "little wiggle worm" Wyatt. He has the tendency to get into things that he shouldn't, but then again what little tike wouldn't!! So trying to keep him clean, can be a major job.

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