Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Belgium - Family - Grandchildren

Thursday, September 30th, Steve and I flew from Manchester to Brussels, Belgium. We took the train into "Kortrijk." Since our mobile phone would not work in Belgium, we used the pay phone to contact Tom and Lara (Ron's sister and brother-in-law).We waited in the cafeteria for whoever would pick us up, and what a pleasant sight, when Ella and Ron came around the corner. What excitement to see our son-in-law and grandaughter. The rest of the family was in the town, having a bite to eat.
Our grandson, Wyatt, is growing so fast. He's working on the walking thing, but is a very fast crawler. Sometimes crawling on one knee has been his form of getting to his destination. The faster way, is the better way for Wyatt. In the photo above, you see part of the farm where we stayed. From left to right, standing in the doorway is, Lara (Ron's sister), Nancy (Ron's mom) and Booa (Ron's grandmother).

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