Wednesday, 6 April 2011

St. Nicholas' Church, Marston, Oxford

This 12th century church is a neighborhood church. It's not too far from Hubert Allen's home. To the far right is the church hall, where we had
our cup of coffee and mingled with the people. With it being Mothering Sunday, the church was packed with children. Proud moms listened to their children sing!!
I checked out some of the graves that were in front of the church. Amazing!! Some of them date back to the 1700's.
We met Maryelle, who is good friends with Hubert. We were chatting for quite a while after church and she missed her bus. She walks with 2 canes, so we drove her to her destination.

As you can see the daffodils are still out, but will be fading soon, making room for either the tulips or daisies. Spring time in Oxford is definitely warmer than in Lancashire.

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