Friday, 26 August 2011

Christ Church Exeter!!

Driving from Oxford to Exeter, was a long trip!! Fortunately, we have the Satelite Navagational System to help guide the way, or we would have gotten lost. It has saved us from many
many arguments on which way to go!!
As you can see by the sign above, this church was bombed during World War II and rebuilt.
Exeter seemed like a nice place to visit, as it wasn't too far from the English Channel. As long as the sun shines, it is definitely a touristy area, with all the beaches, which we didn't have time to see. As you can see by the sign, Pastor John Eustice and his wife Joy, prepared the people of Exeter for our coming. Pastor John and Steve are the ones talking outside the church. As usual, we were the last ones to leave:)

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  1. Lol -- "As usual" indeed! Some things you can predict like clockwork, right? :)

    I will say that "as usual" I love your photos and tidbits of your days there! :)