Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Morecombe Bay from the Prospect Hotel

The full English Breakfast was our first meal of the day at The Prospect Hotel.
The weather was rainy and very
windy, but our room was quite cozy.

Looking out the front window in the morning, you see the bay. To the left the tide is out, and to the right you see in the afternoon the tide came back in. They have said, people have walked across the bay, when the tide was out,
but would have to hurry back before the tide came in behind them. Some have drowned. Don't think I'll try it!!

In the distance, is the Lake District, or Cumbria County. With the fog and rain, the fells (hills) are still picturesque.
I thank God for his wonderful diversity in creation!!

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  1. Great views! That breakfast looks very Atkins friendly... ;-) Too much meat for me all at once, but I like the tomato on the side!