Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

WOW!! What an exciting day!! We met with Joshua (pictured below) at the Rhodes House doing PhD work in Missiology. He is a Korean missionary (from the largest church in the world, Seoul, Korea) in Kenya. He comes for 3 weeks and then goes back to
Kenya. He's doing his work through the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS). He invited us to come for the chapel service today. Once we
found out where the OCMS was (a few blocks from Wycliffe Hall), we walked over. The street pictured above, gives you an idea of how small the streets are in Oxford. The man who spoke was a Jamaican, who is a businessman
living in Oxford. We were privileged to also meet Oliver, from Kenya, who is Deputy Secretary of the National Council of Churches, studying through OCMS for his PhD. We chatted with him for a while, when he was at Rhodes House, and in between his research. Another PhD student, American missionary with YWAM in India was ready to lecture, when we were asked if we would like to listen to what he has been studying. All these men have tremendous influence around the world. Their love for God and their passion for what they are doing emanated from them.

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