Monday, 28 March 2011

St. Thomas of Canterbury in Elsfield, N. Oxford

This little "country" church had the bells going before the service. We
sat in the pews (not very comfortable), but had the original 12th century pillars still holding up part of the church.
Steve is standing at the entrance of the church with Pastor (Vicar) Tony who's been there for 20 years. As you can see parking at the Church Farm, we were introduced to the chickens and an
awesome peacock, at least that's what Steve says it is. It was a sunny day, but brisk.
After the service, we had a cup of coffee, and as usual, we were one of the last ones to leave. It was "WOW" kind of place. I wanted to take photos inside, but they were remodeling inside, and redoing the Mosaic on the back wall. Hubert Allen told us that the cost was about 150,000 pounds. No wonder it was gorgeous.

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