Monday, 13 September 2010

On the Road to Sheffield

Christ Church Central in Sheffield is most definitely in the center of the city. Trying to make sense of Map Quest and the map on Steve's "mobile" phone, made our travels most confusing. Steve was willing to stop and ask for directions, which I most willingly obliged to.
But as you can see we did make it to our destination. PTL!! Now, looking at these two photos, it looks dreary, but in actual fact, we could see the beauty of God's creation, while traveling on the A57. It was delightful to go through the small towns, in all their uniqueness, going to the next and see something all together different.
By the time we arrived in Sheffield, the sun was shining and was able to get out of the car without getting wet. But, not more then an hour later, it started pouring down. Being inside, we just watched the rain jump on the tar and concrete, blessing Sheffield with the water to grow the beautiful flowers.

1 comment:

  1. You can't have that much green without lots of moisture falling from the sky. Looking at that road picture turns my head around, trying to imagine the opposite driving scheme. I am sure you get used to it though!