Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thursday Garstang Farmer's Market

Do you see the handsome looking dude, with the Arizona jacket on? I picked him up, about 34 1/2 years ago and have kept him ever since:) We, or I should say me, check out the stalls and walk slowly, browsing. This day, I was fortunate to get him to come with me, but many times I get to look on my own!!
Steve and I are in Garstang at the Farmer's Market. Every Thursday, since 1314 Garstang has been having Market Day. In 2001 Garstang
became famous as the world's first Fairtrade Town. There are about 5,000 people who live in Garstang. The historic buildings and passage ways have little blue signs, giving you some detail on how long the building has been up, or when it has been restored. The green posts you see in the two bottom photos, is where they used to tie the horses. That was "donkey's years ago." Now, its so the cars won't park on the walking lane (side walk).

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