Tuesday, 28 September 2010

St. David's Church

St. David's Sanctuary, looking from the front to the back. The white slats hovering from the ceiling are heaters. Now that the weather is cooling down, they are put on more often.

St. David's Church is 96 years old. It has alot of memories for many of our members. Some of the elderly, their parents were the founders of the church over 100 years ago. The building on the left is the sanctuary and the other part of the building on the right is called the Sunday school rooms. It has a stage for performances and a large kitchen, with a "teeny" stove and no refrigerator. The big room is big enough for the Boys Brigade football (soccer) games, on Thursdays, and the Girls Guides playing tag on Mondays. Both groups have their badge work to do. Helping them, we get to know them and they are all a joy.

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